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eMagin Displays In SaabTech HMD Prototype

HOPEWELL JUNCTION, N.Y., September 15, 2004 – eMagin Corporation (AMEX: EMA), the leading manufacturer of active matrix OLED-on-silicon displays, is delivering virtual imagery in SaabTech's prototype Soldier Head-Mounted Device (HMD). One of the world's leading high technology companies, Saab is marketing the HMD for military and commercial applications.

SaabTech is using the displays in head-mounted devices for applications that require visualization of full-color, high-resolution information, such as evaluation of reconnaissance photos, communication of critical command and control information, computer-aided design, urban planning, medical training, and similar applications. SaabTech – a member of the Saab Group – is a leading supplier of Avionics and electronic warfare systems on the international market. The company is currently engaged in programs within the European Community regarding new organic lightemitting diode (OLED) displays and 3D virtual cooperative applications using HMDs.

“SaabTech's prototype HMDs for training and information delivery highlights one value of the virtual image,” said Susan Jones, executive vice president and chief marketing & strategy officer, eMagin Corporation. “We're pleased that they have chosen to develop products with our displays. The systems they are creating will lead the way into new markets and new ways of accessing and interacting with information.”

eMagin's OLED-on-silicon displays deliver high-resolution full color or monochrome imagery for near-eye applications. Because OLED materials emit light, OLED displays are thinner and consumer less power than conventional LCDs. In addition, OLED displays offer higher contrast and a wider dispersion of light, making them more comfortable and usable for near-eye applications. About eMagin Corporation: A leader in OLED technology and personal display systems, eMagin manufactures and integrates high-resolution OLED microdisplays, magnifying optics, and systems technologies to create a virtual image comparable to that of a large computer monitor or a large-screen television. eMagin's OLED displays have been incorporated into a variety of near-eye imaging products for military, industrial, medical, and consumer markets that choose eMagin's award-winning technology as a core component for their solutions. eMagin's first personal display system, the Z800 3DVisor, provides superb 3D stereovision and headtracking for PC gaming, training and simulation, and other applications. It won the CEA's Best of Innovations award in the digital display category and won additional recognition in the electronic gaming category. eMagin's microdisplay manufacturing and R&D operations are co-located with IBM on its campus in East Fishkill, New York. System design facilities and sales and marketing are located in Bellevue, Washington. A sales office is located in Tokyo, Japan. For additional information, please visit and

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